The latest unfoldings around issues of race and racism at USM.

September 6 — USM graduate student Letter-to-the-Editor in the Portland Press Herald highlights USM’s failure to interrupt the cycle of racism.

August 31 — USM officials inform the concerned student group from the August 15 meeting that following a conversation with the candidate no change will be made in the hire.

August 29 — USM President Glenn Cummings highlights the need to focus on equity and justice in his remarks at the 2019 USM Opening Breakfast.

August 15 — A diverse group of USM students that includes many IDAC Student Fellows but also concerned undergraduates, graduate students and PhD candidates meets with USM President Glenn Cummings, the USM Provost, the Dean of the College of Management and Human Services, and the Hiring Committee from the Educational Leadership Department that made the hire to discuss their concerns and the message this situation sends to the USM community.

August 10 — USM President Glenn Cummings writes Press Herald column stating USM needs to focus on equity and justice.

August 5 — USM President Glenn Cummings announces “Goal 10.”

July 26 — IDAC Student Fellows meet with USM President Glenn Cummings and USM Provost to discuss the hire, and also wider concerns around structural racism.

July 17 — IDAC Student Fellows hold second meeting with USM Provost to discuss the hire, the hiring process, and USM’s structural racism more broadly.

USM Provost writes second community-wide email that states the hire was conducted “legally,” which leads to news coverage.

July 2 — USM Provost writes “Important Community Message” email:

July 1 — IDAC Student Fellows meet with USM Provost to discuss concerns regarding the hire, and the USM hiring process.

June 20 — USM IDAC Student Fellows submit letter of protest to university officials.

June 14 — Candidate accused of racial discrimination announces new job at USM.

May 27 — Outgoing Dean of Maine Law reports experiencing racism and sexism at USM in Portland Press Herald article.

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